Sunday, January 22, 2012

Valentines Sale... Flowers die but jewelry lives on!

Trying to Decide Between Flowers, Perfume, Chocolate or Jewelry for your Sweetheart?

Here are some price comparisons to assist in your decision:

Perfume: Most designer, quality, perfumes will cost $50 or more, retail and one bottle will last one year or so, with regular use.

Chocolate: Most chocolate gifts, delivered by FTD or other companies will cost *MINIMUM* of $50 and will last... much less time than perfume, (in the box)... on the hips they will last much longer!

Flowers: To have one dozen roses delivered would cost at least $49.99 and roses can last a week or two, (possibly a tiny bit more), depending on care, quality and freshness.

Jewelry: Handmade, sterling silver, jewelry, (made in the U.S.), can cost less than ALL of these items and CAN LAST GENERATIONS! Your wife could give her jewelry to your daughter or your granddaughter etc.!

As a woman I would rather get something that will last over something temporary. Sure, a single rose, small bottle of champagne or my favorite chocolate bar, (Skor, for anyone interested), is a nice treat but getting something that will remind me, for the rest of my life, that my husband thought of me and found something perfect for me is priceless!

I have made a sale are for my Valentines Collection, (anything red or a heart shape etc.). I have marked everything down 14% off with coupon code 214SALE . Here are some of my new items from this sale area.

The images are linked, just click on them to view the item(s)!

Mount Saint Helens Obsidian Ring in Sterling Silver, Helenite
This is a Helenite ring, (also called Mount Saint Helens Obsidian). This "stone" was made from the ash of the 1980 Mt. St. Helens eruption. I handmade the shank and hammer set the stone, adding tiny texture marks all around.
heart love knot ring in copper, handmade from copper wire
The next ring is handmade copper ring that is a love knot with a heart on one end. This is the first of this style, it is very cute and would make a lovely Valentine's Day gift for a teen or young lady.

handmade red enamel heart necklace in copper and brass for Valentines Day gifts

Next up is a handmade enamel necklace with a copper heart that I hand pierced, (sawed). I added a deep red enamel to it's surface, in multiple layers, and attached it to an antiqued brass coated chain of 18" long.

x's and o's handmade post earrings in sterling silver and amber / red enamel
These are sterling silver disks that I hand stamped with hearts, x's and o's. They are 1cm in diameter and have a gorgeous golden amber / peach enamel over the chased designs. Simple posts with a message of love under their glass "cases", these would make a great gift for Valentine's day!

swarovski crystal drop hoops, handmade of ss, padparadascha sapphire colored

Next up we have simple, 3/4" hoops that I hand formed from sterling silver wire. They have brilliant Padparadascha Sapphire colored Swarovski drops on them that are set in sterling silver.

Very light and comfortable these are a lovely peachy pink color, feminine but not too girly!

hearts, x's and o's enamel earrings in sterling silver

More x's and o's! These tiny sterling silver studs, (.925), were chased with one x and one o, symbolizing hugs and kisses. They are 5mm in diameter and have a gorgeous amber / peach enamel over them!

Small doesn't have to mean boring and these little post earrings attest to that!

So, when considering what to get your special someone consider their style, the colors that they like and the jewelry that they already have.


Do they like color?

Do they like textured items or high polished surfaces?

Do they like organic looking things or things that look machine made?

What size is their finger that they usually wear rings on? If you're not sure take a piece of paper and fit it inside the band. Mark where the full measurement is and print out a free online ring sizer. Lay it against the sizer and voila! You'll know your sweetie's ring size!

Do they wear dangle earrings or post earrings?

Do they like yellow metals, (like gold or brass), or silver metals, (like sterling, white gold or platinum). There are also red metals such as copper, (below), or rose gold.

copper enamel heart post earrings, handmade for Valentines Day, gifts
If you have any questions please feel free to drop me a line, I would be happy to make you something you-nique for your special someone. Happy Valentine's Day!


-Che' of CheDesigns.Com

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