Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year and New Rings!

I made up some new rings recently and posted them in my Etsy Shop. This is a direct link to my in stock Rings.

I tried to vary the sizes, a bit, so there would be something for everyone, or close to it, (from size 5 to size 9 with these recent listings... I have other sizes in the older listings, also... up to size 14)!

This is my first Sgraffito enamel ring. I was going for an ancient look, reminiscent of Egyptian designs and Roman glass, with a hint of Babylonia as well.

The enamel is built up in repeated firings, by hand, it is a very time consuming process but the effect is very unique!

Sterling Silver and Fine Silver with red, green, yellow and black glass enamel in the handmade bezel, soldered to a handmade ring.

To see more information please click here or on the photo.

This is a Chalcedony cabochon, with a rectangular shape. It has a pillow top and a gorgeous milky blue color... looking like mist over a beach in the morning. The band is sturdy, half round shaped, with a floral motif and is sterling silver.

The bezel is handmade from fine silver, which I pout notches into and engraved lines around. The stone was hammer set and the whole ring has a satin finish with buffing on the texture's high point. Please click here to see this ring, or click on the photo.

This is a hand made sterling silver ring that is from the "Pounded Pebble" line. The pebble was made by me melting my recycled sterling silver scraps into a ball and then planishing, (hammering / pounding /forging), it into a flat pebble shape. I then soldered this onto a sterling silver beaded band.

The whole ring has been satin finished and the pebble's face has been buffed, to bring out the shine! This ring is designed to be stacked with other rings, of a similar gauge. Please click here, or on the image, for details and to see more stacker rings!

This is a handcrafted Biwa Pearl, fine silver and sterling silver designer ring!

I used a lovely gray / purple / perwinkle Biwa pearl as the focal point of this ring. It has a luscious color and sheen! I hand made the band, from sterling silver sheet and wire, which I formed and bent then fused together, giving the metal an organic feel.

I handmade the bezel out of fine silver and soldered it to the band and then set the gorgeous Biwa pearl bead / cabochon into it. For more details on this ring please click on the photo or here.

This is a stacking ring set of three sterling silver stacking bands. The first has a fantastic, brilliant olive green 4.5mm round faceted Tourmaline set onto a rope patterned sterling silver band. The second is a simple, slightly planished, (hammered/forged), band and the third has a handmade "pebble" on it of recycled sterling silver.

This ring has multiple finishes, from sating to buff, and the gemstone / Tourmaline has been hammer set and then the bezel was hand textured with tiny marks, all around! Very unique and a wonderful gift for Valentine's Day or ANY day! Click here, or on the photo, for more details.

"Burn All the Letters" ring, now with a thicker gauged band, for larger sizes or people that work with the hands! On the right you will see the new design, (shown in a size 9), with the thicker gauge and on the left you will see the original design, (in a size 5). I can make the original any size but even when the ring grows the knots stay roughly the same size so the ring may not appear the same gauge or thickness.

By gauging up the wire a little I can make larger rings have the same appearance and be a little more durable, for those who want to wear their rings 24/7! Click here or on the photo for more information.

Last, but not least, is one of my favorite rings from this group. This is a trillion shaped Garnet cabochon set into a handmade bezel of fine silver. I soldered this to a sterling silver beaded band and buffed the setting up, to really highlight this gorgeous little stone!

The red, in this Garnet, is a deep wine color and is quite stunning!

This ring is designed to be stacked with other stacking rings of a similar gauge. Please click on the photo, or here, for more details and more stacking rings for sale, hand made by me in New Hampshire!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and taking a look at my handmade fine jewelry. Have a lovely day and please feel free to share this, like it or +1 it, (all linked below)!

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