Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Enamel, Patina, Hoops and a Ring!

I added a few more pieces to the shop today, some of which feature my new enamels: indigo /denim blue and ice!

I hope that you like them, click here to see my shop.

To the left you will see a pair of fine silver, sterling silver and brass post earrings that I patinaed. The wonderful thing about this oxidation process is that the colors vary depending on how long they item is left in and what metals the item is made of. The brass patinas first, then the sterling and, finally, the fine silver. I sealed these with a clear coat to save the patina.

To the right you will see another oxidized pair of earrings, these are completely blackened, to contrast the white enamel. This creates a very modern look and packs quite a punch in their 5mm vessel size!

These sterling silver, handmade vessel posts are very popular with my customers as they can be mixed and matched with one another and in different sizes, (I also make 3mm and 8mm styles of these enamel earrings).

This next style are my "dimple" earrings of sterling silver and fine silver. They have my new "ice" colored enamel on them and really do look like frozen water, with little speckles and shimmering crackle.

These are 6mm in diameter and are a great size for mixing and matching, even with the above type of style, (opposites attract)!

Handmade, modern and unique these will go well with many styles of clothing, from the classic black dress to jeans and a tee shirt. Speaking of denim...

This is my other new enamel, I called it Denim / Indigo Blue because that's what it looks like to me.

This enamel is clear when it's thin but, when built up like it was in these earrings it caused little speckles of color.

So, put on your cowboy boots, jeans and a comfy sweater, these earrings are unassuming but pack a punch with their 8mm of color!

Handmade, by me in New Hampshire, they will make a great gift for your special someone... or yourself!

Up next is a copper handmade ring that is a wide band. I forged the metal to cause a slight flare in the copper. This is a size 9, I can make other sizes, should you like this but need a different size.

The texture is all over the band, each tiny little little mark made with a hammer that I got from my grandfather years ago... a tiny little ball pien hammer.

Once I was done texturing the copper I put a satin finish over the outside and a wire brush finish on the inside.

To the right you will see my new indigo / denim blue enamel coupled with my orchid pink enamel in a new style of earring.

These are little rounded rectangles, 1cm tall by 4mm wide. The bases are sterling silver with little lines made of sterling and sterling silver posts.

Here you can see that the blue enamel is more transparent and not speckled. These look like mini, mixed media paintings but they are wearable!

This next pair of earrings are oblong, egg shaped, sterling silver hoops.

I hand formed them, planished / hammered them to harden them and added gorgeous vintage aqua / cerulean blue glass beads with wonderful swirls of color throughout!

Really lovely, unique, earrings that will be the perfect finish to many outfits.

Last, with this grouping, is a handmade sterling silver spiral ring with a flattened sterling "pebble" on one end and a teardrop shape forged on the other.

This is a size 5 ring, some call this style "Greek armor" etc. but this is the first of this type that I have made. The sterling has been planished and forged repeatedly to give it strength and spring so that it will hold it's shape.

Shiny and brilliant with hammer marks this unique piece will look lovely on your finger!

This is the link to my Etsy shop, again...

Thank you for stopping by my Blog, I hope that you have enjoyed looking over my handmade, fine jewelry!

Shannon, a.k.a. Che' of CheDesigns.Com

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