Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentines Share the Love Contest!

I have started a new contest, set to end on February 25th, 2012.

Enter to win a pair of bright red 5mm vessel earrings,
made of sterling silver, fine silver enamel!

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Enamel, Patina, Hoops and a Ring!

I added a few more pieces to the shop today, some of which feature my new enamels: indigo /denim blue and ice!

I hope that you like them, click here to see my shop.

To the left you will see a pair of fine silver, sterling silver and brass post earrings that I patinaed. The wonderful thing about this oxidation process is that the colors vary depending on how long they item is left in and what metals the item is made of. The brass patinas first, then the sterling and, finally, the fine silver. I sealed these with a clear coat to save the patina.

To the right you will see another oxidized pair of earrings, these are completely blackened, to contrast the white enamel. This creates a very modern look and packs quite a punch in their 5mm vessel size!

These sterling silver, handmade vessel posts are very popular with my customers as they can be mixed and matched with one another and in different sizes, (I also make 3mm and 8mm styles of these enamel earrings).

This next style are my "dimple" earrings of sterling silver and fine silver. They have my new "ice" colored enamel on them and really do look like frozen water, with little speckles and shimmering crackle.

These are 6mm in diameter and are a great size for mixing and matching, even with the above type of style, (opposites attract)!

Handmade, modern and unique these will go well with many styles of clothing, from the classic black dress to jeans and a tee shirt. Speaking of denim...

This is my other new enamel, I called it Denim / Indigo Blue because that's what it looks like to me.

This enamel is clear when it's thin but, when built up like it was in these earrings it caused little speckles of color.

So, put on your cowboy boots, jeans and a comfy sweater, these earrings are unassuming but pack a punch with their 8mm of color!

Handmade, by me in New Hampshire, they will make a great gift for your special someone... or yourself!

Up next is a copper handmade ring that is a wide band. I forged the metal to cause a slight flare in the copper. This is a size 9, I can make other sizes, should you like this but need a different size.

The texture is all over the band, each tiny little little mark made with a hammer that I got from my grandfather years ago... a tiny little ball pien hammer.

Once I was done texturing the copper I put a satin finish over the outside and a wire brush finish on the inside.

To the right you will see my new indigo / denim blue enamel coupled with my orchid pink enamel in a new style of earring.

These are little rounded rectangles, 1cm tall by 4mm wide. The bases are sterling silver with little lines made of sterling and sterling silver posts.

Here you can see that the blue enamel is more transparent and not speckled. These look like mini, mixed media paintings but they are wearable!

This next pair of earrings are oblong, egg shaped, sterling silver hoops.

I hand formed them, planished / hammered them to harden them and added gorgeous vintage aqua / cerulean blue glass beads with wonderful swirls of color throughout!

Really lovely, unique, earrings that will be the perfect finish to many outfits.

Last, with this grouping, is a handmade sterling silver spiral ring with a flattened sterling "pebble" on one end and a teardrop shape forged on the other.

This is a size 5 ring, some call this style "Greek armor" etc. but this is the first of this type that I have made. The sterling has been planished and forged repeatedly to give it strength and spring so that it will hold it's shape.

Shiny and brilliant with hammer marks this unique piece will look lovely on your finger!

This is the link to my Etsy shop, again...

Thank you for stopping by my Blog, I hope that you have enjoyed looking over my handmade, fine jewelry!

Shannon, a.k.a. Che' of CheDesigns.Com

+ 2 Fine Jewelry for Geeks!

So your girlfriend is a geek, eh? It's happened to the best of 'em.

Keep in mind that gamer chicks have some very awesome qualities;

1) They know what an orc is, (and not just from watching "Lord of the Rings")!

2)When you're going on and on about comic books, anime and manga a geek chick will actually TAKE PART in the conversation and not just "yep, uhuh, really?" you to death. Though, in fairness, they may still do this once in a while... depending on how lame the subject matter is.

3) Gamer girls like math, they have to if they have ever figured out THACO, (don't ask).

4) Geek ladies love Gary Gygax, R.I.P. Gary.

One way to encourage your lady geek to stay by you, especially if you're NOT a geek, (it's OK, everyone has their flaws), is to show your special geek that you care and that you want to try and understand what comeliness is and how it affects charisma. These earrings can help!

These earrings, (or the ring below), can help in one of two ways;

1) You can wear one, or both, to assist you to level up or

2) You can give them to your gamer chick to wear and she will be eternally grateful when her human cleric or fighter draenei needs a boost to attack or damage. (She may even wear a cosplay costume to show how grateful she is)!

No guarantees or warranties come with these magically imbued items, (some D.M.'s may allow, others maybe not). If you play Cthulhu you may want to request a custom +10 piece... you'll need it!

Click on the images for details on these magic items. Should you need a letter of origin, for your D.M.'s approval, drop Che' a line and she will write one up for you or your lady geek.

Happy Gaming! Don't forget Valentine's Day, (it's a day when even geek chicks want to be thought of and honored, February 14th every year). :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Valentines Sale... Flowers die but jewelry lives on!

Trying to Decide Between Flowers, Perfume, Chocolate or Jewelry for your Sweetheart?

Here are some price comparisons to assist in your decision:

Perfume: Most designer, quality, perfumes will cost $50 or more, retail and one bottle will last one year or so, with regular use.

Chocolate: Most chocolate gifts, delivered by FTD or other companies will cost *MINIMUM* of $50 and will last... much less time than perfume, (in the box)... on the hips they will last much longer!

Flowers: To have one dozen roses delivered would cost at least $49.99 and roses can last a week or two, (possibly a tiny bit more), depending on care, quality and freshness.

Jewelry: Handmade, sterling silver, jewelry, (made in the U.S.), can cost less than ALL of these items and CAN LAST GENERATIONS! Your wife could give her jewelry to your daughter or your granddaughter etc.!

As a woman I would rather get something that will last over something temporary. Sure, a single rose, small bottle of champagne or my favorite chocolate bar, (Skor, for anyone interested), is a nice treat but getting something that will remind me, for the rest of my life, that my husband thought of me and found something perfect for me is priceless!

I have made a sale are for my Valentines Collection, (anything red or a heart shape etc.). I have marked everything down 14% off with coupon code 214SALE . Here are some of my new items from this sale area.

The images are linked, just click on them to view the item(s)!

Mount Saint Helens Obsidian Ring in Sterling Silver, Helenite
This is a Helenite ring, (also called Mount Saint Helens Obsidian). This "stone" was made from the ash of the 1980 Mt. St. Helens eruption. I handmade the shank and hammer set the stone, adding tiny texture marks all around.
heart love knot ring in copper, handmade from copper wire
The next ring is handmade copper ring that is a love knot with a heart on one end. This is the first of this style, it is very cute and would make a lovely Valentine's Day gift for a teen or young lady.

handmade red enamel heart necklace in copper and brass for Valentines Day gifts

Next up is a handmade enamel necklace with a copper heart that I hand pierced, (sawed). I added a deep red enamel to it's surface, in multiple layers, and attached it to an antiqued brass coated chain of 18" long.

x's and o's handmade post earrings in sterling silver and amber / red enamel
These are sterling silver disks that I hand stamped with hearts, x's and o's. They are 1cm in diameter and have a gorgeous golden amber / peach enamel over the chased designs. Simple posts with a message of love under their glass "cases", these would make a great gift for Valentine's day!

swarovski crystal drop hoops, handmade of ss, padparadascha sapphire colored

Next up we have simple, 3/4" hoops that I hand formed from sterling silver wire. They have brilliant Padparadascha Sapphire colored Swarovski drops on them that are set in sterling silver.

Very light and comfortable these are a lovely peachy pink color, feminine but not too girly!

hearts, x's and o's enamel earrings in sterling silver

More x's and o's! These tiny sterling silver studs, (.925), were chased with one x and one o, symbolizing hugs and kisses. They are 5mm in diameter and have a gorgeous amber / peach enamel over them!

Small doesn't have to mean boring and these little post earrings attest to that!

So, when considering what to get your special someone consider their style, the colors that they like and the jewelry that they already have.


Do they like color?

Do they like textured items or high polished surfaces?

Do they like organic looking things or things that look machine made?

What size is their finger that they usually wear rings on? If you're not sure take a piece of paper and fit it inside the band. Mark where the full measurement is and print out a free online ring sizer. Lay it against the sizer and voila! You'll know your sweetie's ring size!

Do they wear dangle earrings or post earrings?

Do they like yellow metals, (like gold or brass), or silver metals, (like sterling, white gold or platinum). There are also red metals such as copper, (below), or rose gold.

copper enamel heart post earrings, handmade for Valentines Day, gifts
If you have any questions please feel free to drop me a line, I would be happy to make you something you-nique for your special someone. Happy Valentine's Day!


-Che' of CheDesigns.Com

It's Elementary, My Dear Watson!

I have been making some more fused earrings and hoop earrings etc. and am posting those geometrical / elementary new items together here;

As with all of my jewelry the items are hand fabricated, (not pieces just put together). I start from scratch, (wire, sheet etc.), and create from there. I then use gemstones and enamel to accent the pieces and give them color here and there!


This is a pair of fused sterling silver earrings that are triangular and unique!

They each have a ball of sterling silver on the and a pastel seafoam green enamel on their faces, which I dotted with golden enamel flecks.

Small on size but big on personality these funky post earrings are sure to turn heads!



This is another fused pair of earrings made of sterling silver. Fusing metal is different than soldering in that you are melting the two layers together, instead of attaching them with another metal, (like solder). This causes a very organic finish / texture. In the center of these I heated and baked multiple layers of golden honey colored glass enamel. I have other colors of enamel available, for custom orders also. CLICK ON THE IMAGE FOR MORE DETAILS OR TO ORDER. == >


These are some 3/4" hoops that I hand formed from sterling silver and added gorgeous, faceted vintage crystal / glass amber colored beads to. They are 7mm in diameter and beautiful! This is a nice, comfortable, hoop size.



These little square post studs were handmade from copper sheet. I cut them out, planished them with a tiny hammer, (making little dents all over the and causing them to be slightly concave). I then rounded out the edges and added clear enamel, to enhance and protect the beautiful blush / copper color!

Relatively small but sure to be a favorite in any wardrobe or jewelry collection!


Who says that geometry is dull?! Thank you for stopping by and looking at my handmade fine jewelry designs, have a wonderful day!

- Che' of CheDesigns.Com

More Rings, from Helenite to Labradorite and Love Knots!

I have been working on building up my stock for Valentine's Day, so that everyone can find something You-Nique for their sweetheart, (or themselves)!

These are some of my newest ring designs, I tried to vary sizes, style and colors a bit so that there would be something for everyone... or close to it. I hope that you like them!

PLEASE ALSO SEE THE INFORMATION ON MY "RING IN THE NEW YEAR!" CONTEST, where you can win a custom sized Love Knot Ring!

This is a set of three stacking rings in sterling silver.

Two of the bands are a single wire that have been lightly planished, (hammered / pounded). The central band is a twisted wire that I planished more heavily, to lower the profile. These can be worn with other stacking rings of a similar gauge.


This is the newest design in my "Burn All the Letters" love knot ring line. I handmade this ring from rope patterned sterling silver wire.

It is very sturdy, for an open design, and would make a wonderful promise ring, engagement ring, wedding band or Valentine's gift to your special someone!


This is a 5mm faceted Rhodolite Garnet, (AAA quality), that I have set onto a stacking ring band of beaded sterling silver.

Thing handmade ring is designed to be worn with other stacking rings of a similar gauge / thickness.

The stone is gorgeous! It has a deep wine / purple color and wonderful clarity.


Those are just a few of my new items! Some of these are a part of my Valentine's Sale, also!

Thank you for stopping by! - Che' of CheDesigns.Com

Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year and New Rings!

I made up some new rings recently and posted them in my Etsy Shop. This is a direct link to my in stock Rings.

I tried to vary the sizes, a bit, so there would be something for everyone, or close to it, (from size 5 to size 9 with these recent listings... I have other sizes in the older listings, also... up to size 14)!

This is my first Sgraffito enamel ring. I was going for an ancient look, reminiscent of Egyptian designs and Roman glass, with a hint of Babylonia as well.

The enamel is built up in repeated firings, by hand, it is a very time consuming process but the effect is very unique!

Sterling Silver and Fine Silver with red, green, yellow and black glass enamel in the handmade bezel, soldered to a handmade ring.

To see more information please click here or on the photo.

This is a Chalcedony cabochon, with a rectangular shape. It has a pillow top and a gorgeous milky blue color... looking like mist over a beach in the morning. The band is sturdy, half round shaped, with a floral motif and is sterling silver.

The bezel is handmade from fine silver, which I pout notches into and engraved lines around. The stone was hammer set and the whole ring has a satin finish with buffing on the texture's high point. Please click here to see this ring, or click on the photo.

This is a hand made sterling silver ring that is from the "Pounded Pebble" line. The pebble was made by me melting my recycled sterling silver scraps into a ball and then planishing, (hammering / pounding /forging), it into a flat pebble shape. I then soldered this onto a sterling silver beaded band.

The whole ring has been satin finished and the pebble's face has been buffed, to bring out the shine! This ring is designed to be stacked with other rings, of a similar gauge. Please click here, or on the image, for details and to see more stacker rings!

This is a handcrafted Biwa Pearl, fine silver and sterling silver designer ring!

I used a lovely gray / purple / perwinkle Biwa pearl as the focal point of this ring. It has a luscious color and sheen! I hand made the band, from sterling silver sheet and wire, which I formed and bent then fused together, giving the metal an organic feel.

I handmade the bezel out of fine silver and soldered it to the band and then set the gorgeous Biwa pearl bead / cabochon into it. For more details on this ring please click on the photo or here.

This is a stacking ring set of three sterling silver stacking bands. The first has a fantastic, brilliant olive green 4.5mm round faceted Tourmaline set onto a rope patterned sterling silver band. The second is a simple, slightly planished, (hammered/forged), band and the third has a handmade "pebble" on it of recycled sterling silver.

This ring has multiple finishes, from sating to buff, and the gemstone / Tourmaline has been hammer set and then the bezel was hand textured with tiny marks, all around! Very unique and a wonderful gift for Valentine's Day or ANY day! Click here, or on the photo, for more details.

"Burn All the Letters" ring, now with a thicker gauged band, for larger sizes or people that work with the hands! On the right you will see the new design, (shown in a size 9), with the thicker gauge and on the left you will see the original design, (in a size 5). I can make the original any size but even when the ring grows the knots stay roughly the same size so the ring may not appear the same gauge or thickness.

By gauging up the wire a little I can make larger rings have the same appearance and be a little more durable, for those who want to wear their rings 24/7! Click here or on the photo for more information.

Last, but not least, is one of my favorite rings from this group. This is a trillion shaped Garnet cabochon set into a handmade bezel of fine silver. I soldered this to a sterling silver beaded band and buffed the setting up, to really highlight this gorgeous little stone!

The red, in this Garnet, is a deep wine color and is quite stunning!

This ring is designed to be stacked with other stacking rings of a similar gauge. Please click on the photo, or here, for more details and more stacking rings for sale, hand made by me in New Hampshire!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and taking a look at my handmade fine jewelry. Have a lovely day and please feel free to share this, like it or +1 it, (all linked below)!

"Ring in the New Year!" CONTEST

I am holding a contest for people to win one of my best selling rings, (custom made to their size; 4 - 9). This ring is handmade from sterling silver and has a large, single knot in it's center. I call this design "Burn All the Letters", as it reminds me of one of my favorite Indigo Girls songs, under that same name.

This ring retails for $24. Please see my shop policies on creation time etc., *before signing up for the contest*. This contest will be open for U.S. customers, over 18 years old, only and there will be one winner!


1. Simply like my facebook page, (Che' Designs), and post/link, in the comments area of my facebook page, which item(s) in my Etsy shop is your favorite and why.


2. If you are already a fan of my facebook page please post the above info. and share it on your facebook page.

The drawing for this love knot ring will be held on January 31st, 2012 so don't delay! I will contact the winner, via e-mail or facebook, upon winning!

Contest details, again: please feel free to share!

1. Direct link to the giveaway (specific blog post, etc.):
2. Link to a picture of the prize:
3. Prize: Sterling Silver Knot Ring made in your size, (4 - 9)!
4. Prize value: $24
5. Number of winners: 1
6. Ending date of the giveaway: 01/31/2012
7. Where it can be won: U.S. only
8. The prize is from: shop name Che4uDesigns
9. To enter this giveaway, you can: Like my facebook page and leave a comment/link about your favorite item(s) in my shop.
10. Anything else you want us to know: Thank you!
11. Email to contact me.
12. I hold a BFA from Maine College of Art in Metalsmithing and Jewelry and have been a work-at-home mother since 2001, selling my handmade costume accessories and fine jewelry online!

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year and New Work!

I hope that you are all having a wonderful New Year and a Happy 2012 thus far!

I have been busy working with my favorite materials: enamel, sterling silver, fine silver, copper, gold and gems.

[My favorite gemstones tend to be opalescent ones, like moonstones, labradorites, chalcedony etc. or fiery ones, like garnet, sunstone or fire opal etc.. I have a "fire and water" thing going on, I supposed. My favorite paintings have dark blue or indigo and warm yellow or orange also.]

I have been playing with some new enamels, since my last update. I have all sorts of fun opaque colors that have come in, from Tangerine Orange to Deep Red, Translucent Orchid to Cobalt Blue and, of course, Black and White for the purists out there!

Most of my enamel fine jewelry is for sale right in my Etsy shop, I also do custom requests, as the queue allows. Please feel free to stop by and take a peek around. My work is handmade, by me, in New Hampshire (USA). I do *not* order pre-made items and just tweak them, I design each piece from scratch and am a metalsmith / silversmith. I love to design custom pieces for my customers so please drop me a line if you'd like something You-Nique!

Some other things that I have started selling are handmade sterling silver hoops, (1" and 1.25" right now, though other sizes can be custom made), with or without glass rondelle / donut beads. These are a lot of fun and the beads can be mixed and matched, as needed, (or removed if you'd like your hoops without beads for a night)!

I have started working with PMC again, (precious metal clay). I have been using the Copper clay, as I like it the best. I have posted a few enamel and PMC pieces as well as some gemstone and PMC items. It is a lot of fun to work with, my two favorite mediums rolled into one, ceramics and metal!

Above is a pendant out of copper PMC with enamels in it's recesses. To the right is a pendant out of Precious Metal Clay, (PMC), with a 3mm faceted Apatite gem and three glass beads. Both are strung on colored cotton and ribbon cords.

For the organic, but minimalistic, jewelry lovers I have started a line that I call "Pounded Pebble". These are items made from sterling silver, that I have melted and forged, (hammered / pounded), into a new shape. The ring set, toward the top of the page, has one of these stacking rings in sterling silver and below you will see one of the items that has become a best seller, from this line, my Pounded Pebble handmade designer earrings in sterling silver.

These little studs are quite adorable on and are organic but not over the top or sloppy. They have a crisp look, like a pebble that is shiny from wear and becomes visible as the tide goes out.