Tuesday, January 24, 2012

+ 2 Fine Jewelry for Geeks!

So your girlfriend is a geek, eh? It's happened to the best of 'em.

Keep in mind that gamer chicks have some very awesome qualities;

1) They know what an orc is, (and not just from watching "Lord of the Rings")!

2)When you're going on and on about comic books, anime and manga a geek chick will actually TAKE PART in the conversation and not just "yep, uhuh, really?" you to death. Though, in fairness, they may still do this once in a while... depending on how lame the subject matter is.

3) Gamer girls like math, they have to if they have ever figured out THACO, (don't ask).

4) Geek ladies love Gary Gygax, R.I.P. Gary.

One way to encourage your lady geek to stay by you, especially if you're NOT a geek, (it's OK, everyone has their flaws), is to show your special geek that you care and that you want to try and understand what comeliness is and how it affects charisma. These earrings can help!

These earrings, (or the ring below), can help in one of two ways;

1) You can wear one, or both, to assist you to level up or

2) You can give them to your gamer chick to wear and she will be eternally grateful when her human cleric or fighter draenei needs a boost to attack or damage. (She may even wear a cosplay costume to show how grateful she is)!

No guarantees or warranties come with these magically imbued items, (some D.M.'s may allow, others maybe not). If you play Cthulhu you may want to request a custom +10 piece... you'll need it!

Click on the images for details on these magic items. Should you need a letter of origin, for your D.M.'s approval, drop Che' a line and she will write one up for you or your lady geek.

Happy Gaming! Don't forget Valentine's Day, (it's a day when even geek chicks want to be thought of and honored, February 14th every year). :)

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