Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Mini Vardo, (Gypsy Wagon)

New Article: How to Soften Harsh Features WITHOUT surgery!

Hello all!

I have written another article about makeup's uses and skin care and have included it here.

So many people today have turned to the scalpel or botox for minor issues, easily fixable with makeup. This is not to say that all people aren't beautiful in their own way, nor that they *should* fix these things but many people are very self conscious about these things and would feel more comfortable in their own skin if they could negate certain features now and then.

I hope that you enjoy this article, thanks for reading!

Buttons, Button, Who's Got the Button?

I was making some scarflettes for my Etsy Shoppe area, the other day, (which will be posted soon hopefully), and I needed some custom buttons to match them.

I broke out my clay and started making the two pairs I needed, then I made a few more and a few more and was having SO much fun that I made a ton of them! Some of these wonderful, handmade, art buttons are for sale in my Etsy Shoppe button area now.

I have yet more to post and I have kept the prices VERY reasonable so that people making their own art and fashions can use them without breaking the bank.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you like the buttons, button, who's got the button?!

New Article: How to Choose a Hairstyle for a Round Face

If you have a round face, (that is as long from the hairline to chin as it is from cheekbone to cheekbone, roughly), then you will enjoy my most recent article: how to choose a hairstyle for a round face.

The right haircut can make a HUGE difference in someone's appearance! Add a little color, (or subtract), and a little makeup and voila! You've been reinvented for 2010.

This article will help you to know where the weight of your hair should be and styles that will enhance your features, instead of making your face look even more round.

Happy reading, and styling!

New Article: How to Pique a Lady's Interest

I wrote an article on eHow for men, (or ladies), that are trying to catch the eye of a lady they'd like to date. In this day in age, where chivalry is sometimes feared to be dead, or a dirty word, men sometimes don't know how to navigate the feminist landscape.

How do you show interest in a lady, without seeming to be a stalker?

How do you flatter her in a way she'll enjoy?

How do you know if you should be chivalrous?

Are there any safety tips for MEN to keep in mind?

Just take a peek at this article, above, it will help to explain some of women's seemingly quirky, (or hypocritical), behavior. It will show you how to woo a woman and even how to buy the right gift for her or know where to take her for a date!

Fear not! Women aren't quite as cryptic as some think, there IS a method to our madness and this article will help to debunk the myth of women hating chivalry.

Happy reading and dating!