Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Article: How to Pique a Lady's Interest

I wrote an article on eHow for men, (or ladies), that are trying to catch the eye of a lady they'd like to date. In this day in age, where chivalry is sometimes feared to be dead, or a dirty word, men sometimes don't know how to navigate the feminist landscape.

How do you show interest in a lady, without seeming to be a stalker?

How do you flatter her in a way she'll enjoy?

How do you know if you should be chivalrous?

Are there any safety tips for MEN to keep in mind?

Just take a peek at this article, above, it will help to explain some of women's seemingly quirky, (or hypocritical), behavior. It will show you how to woo a woman and even how to buy the right gift for her or know where to take her for a date!

Fear not! Women aren't quite as cryptic as some think, there IS a method to our madness and this article will help to debunk the myth of women hating chivalry.

Happy reading and dating!

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