Saturday, June 8, 2013

Summer Color Trends for 2013

Every season we are graced with a new (or re-newed) closet full of clothes.  We, of course, have our favorites but, when shopping for new clothes, sometimes we are torn between our "staple" color palettes and trying something new.

Pantone, a system of accurate color measurement, has listed it's 2013 summer palette and I am going to share it here, with you, in case you're not sure if that nectarine purse that you bought will be able to survive the once-over by your fashionista sister!

2013 Summer Color Trends for Fashion and Jewelry

As you can see some wonderful colors are in store for us this summer!  They are not, however, for the feint of heart. 

lemon zest enamel earrings in fine silver and sterling silver

Lemon Zest:  lemon yellows and golds are surprisingly easy to add to a summer palette if you're someone that likes to wear gold.  Instead of wearing gold try silver jewelry (which will highlight your sun-kissed skin) with gold or yellow enamel accents.  The try one or two other touches of yellow (a skinny belt, purse or scarf etc.) and you'll be ready for 2013's summer!

Gold also can be used for makeup accentuation as well.  Try a little gold shimmer powder on your eyelids or a tiny bit on your cheeks and nose to bring a natural spring glow to your face.

tender shoots pantone color on fine silver and enamel earrings
Tender Shoots; this chartreuse - ish green color will be a lot of fun to bring into your wardrobe!  Don't be afraid to try small touches of it throughout your outfit and remember... "opposites attract".  If you're not sure what color to pair a bright lime with (besides the old faithfuls of black or white) try it's opposite; dark red - ish purple.

A coctail ring, pair of neon lime earrings or another small accessory item will pair well with many other colors, from robin's egg blue to purple or even orange, when used sparingly.

grayed jade pantone color, labradorite stacking ring
Grayed Jade seems like an odd color for a summer palette... it's indecisive... does it was to be green or gray?  Maybe it wants to be a gray-ish blue?  Either way this color will work well for those that like to limit their fashion's 90's level and avoid all-things bright or fluorescent.

This labradorite ring is a prime example of how, albeit subtle, grayed jade can still be interesting and not dull!

Rainbow moonstones or Larvakite (Norwegian Moonstone) have similar properties to the Labradorite, should you like those colors and some "flash" on your gems!

dusk blue pantone color, summer 2013 fashion palette.  oblong hoops with vintage beads.

Dusk Blue:  Dusk blue is probably a color that most people have worn already, especially during the summer.  It can be found in light colored denim, blouses etc..  It's a wonderfully soothing color and, although fairly subdued, still rich with intrigue!  Focal earrings, like these oblong sterling silver, hand made and hammered hoops with vintage beads or a nice head band with blues in it or even a pair of flats that can be dressed up or down, depending on where the mood takes you!

Emerald pantone color for summer 2013 fashions
Emerald:  When you look at the palette, above, and think about the comment "opposites attract" you may come to the realization that another of the colors on this palette fill that bill; linen.  It's a light pink (and also the opposite of a dark green color).

Using linen and a smattering of emerald you could cause quite a stir at your next family BBQ, or when out on the town!

The richness of emerald makes everything more opulent, like this "mood" necklace of sterling silver with emerald colored enamel and intricate Celtic knot work.

That's all for this installation, we will discuss the rest of the summer pantone palette for 2013 in our next installation.  Thank you for reading!

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