Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine's Day is Coming! Lovely, non-edible, Sweets for your Sweetheart!

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With Valentine's Day coming up quickly I have added some loving gift items to my shop. There will be something there for everyone's sweetheart, (or yourself)!

(Read the section on STYLE, below, if you are unsure of hers).

For those that don't know their love's size necklaces and earrings are a good option, as one size fits all. If you can match their taste then all will be well in the land of romance! Here are a few of my favorite "one size fits all" gifts for Valentine's Day:

These are sterling silver and enamel post earrings, handmade with wonderful little hearts, shaped out of rope patterned wire. I call them "Heartstrings".

Next up is a copper pendant that has the words: "MY LOVE IS UNBREAKABLE" stamped around it and a heart stamped in the center, (from a stamp that I also made).

Unique, fun, colorful and great token of affection, this piece is sure to make your Love say, "wow!", (and maybe even tear up... tears not included). :)

If your special someone likes the basics then these hand formed and hand crafted, forged, sterling silver hearts with hoops may be just the ticket!

Lightweight, fun, yet simple, they will go well with any outfit and are feminine without being overly "girly".

What if your spouse, lover or "soul mate", (or all of the above), likes jewelry but is not the "heart / mushy" type?

No worries! These simple, elegant and classic post earrings have been a best seller of mine for years! I can make then in golden yellow, as shown, fuschia pink or robin's egg blue...

I have more colors, also, but those are the best sellers. I call them "Mini Vessels" and, with an inner diameter of 3mm, they are amazingly complex and the perfect pair for every day wear!

And now onto the RINGS!

So, you know that your special lady, or gent, likes rings but you aren't sure of what size? Well, there are a few ways of ascertaining this info.:

1) Ask. If you are good at being coy you could casually mention ring size, and try to place it into conversation without arising suspicion. You could say something like, "I heard on the radio today that the average ring size for women is now a size 10!", (it's not). Most ladies would say, "What?! That can't be right, I am average sized and I only wear a 6" etc..

2) You could sneak a ring of hers, that you know fits, and take it to a jeweler to be sized or measure the inside diameter of the ring or

3) you could slide it onto something solid that is tapered and shaped like a finger, (tapered dowel, candle stick etc.). Wrap a piece of string around the area that the ring fit and measure the length. Divide that number by 3.14 and use this chart to find her size.

If your wife is 5' 2" and 100lbs she is probably going to wear between a 4.5 and a 7 on her ring finger, (most probably a 5 or 6). If your number is way off try again. Sturdier / BBW ladies may take up to a 10 or 11.

So, now you have her size... but what's her STYLE? Look at her jewelry and pick out the items that *she chose for herself*. Don't bother looking at gifts, unless she has mentioned to you in private that she loves the ring your mother bought her etc.. Try to notice if she likes stones, enamel or just plain metal. Does she like shiny metal or satin finish? Does she like symbols, like stars, moons, hearts etc.? Does she like cabochons, (smooth topped stones), or faceted jewels? Is there a certain color that she seems drawn to?

Try to write this all down and keep the paper near you when you shop. Keep it hidden, in your wallet or somewhere safe, most women like surprises! Happy Shopping!

Here are a few rings that would make wonderful Valentine's Day Gifts!

The Classic Sterling Silver Band
... originally designed by my Father, for my Mother, I have re-tooled this classic to have a more contemporary, artisan, styling!

Solitaire Stacker-Look Ring in sterling silver and Cubic Zirconia. Looks like a stacking ring but is soldered into one band with a brilliant, 5mm, cubic zirconia in it's center!

Robin's Egg enamel stacking ring in sterling silver and enamel. One of my best selling rings, colorful and fun without being gaudy or tacky!

"Double knot" ring
, in sterling silver. This is a twist on a classic of mine. It has twice the wires of the original, giving it more texture and depth, while still being comfortable and low-lying... a great ring for folks that use their hands a lot, or that don't like bulky jewelry.

To see all of my jewelry please visit my Artfire Shop or my website, CheDesigns.Com

Happy Valentine's Day and remember, "If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy!". -Red Green (or romantic, like someone that finds handmade jewelry with her taste in mind).

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