Monday, February 1, 2010

Gypsy~Rose is Wired with the Opening of her newest line of Fine Jewelry!

Press Release:

Gypsy~Rose is a New Hampshire artist and designer, best known for her costume design, that is going back to her first love by creating fine jewelry, again, and offering it in a new shop, called Che4uDesigns!

full release:


Gypsy~Rose is a New Hampshire artist and designer that has been known, since 2001, for her one of a kind handmade costume accessories, clothing, wands and crowns etc. that she has been selling on her website; GypsyRoses.Org, since then.

Gypsy~Rose is regressing, in a way, with her new line of fine, designer jewelry!  The line is new, the love is old... in fact, jewelry is Gypsy~Rose's first artistic love, and what her degree is in; she has a BFA in Metalsmithing and Jewelry from Maine College of Art, 1996!

In 2001, when pregnant with her first child, Gypsy~Rose started researching selling her jewelry online, and off.  She was having a hard time finding a niche, online business was booming and jewelry making was a hot trend in the market.  During this time Gypsy~Rose made a pair of horns, on a whim, for her husband to wear to a costumed game that he played in, (called a LARP).  The reaction that her husband got, from folks wanting horns from Gypsy~Rose, was overwhelming and it was obvious that her niche had found HER, instead of the opposite!

The years from 2001 to 2010 have flown by, for Gypsy~Rose, her horns have gotten bigger, better, lighter and more popular!

Due to this demand, though, Gypsy~Rose's jewelry bench had become her horn finishing station and her jewelry tools and equipment had become dusty and pushed aside.  The only exception was the holidays, when Gypsy~Rose broke them back out, cleaned them off and made jewelry for her family and friends.

This past holiday season, though, Gypsy~Rose decided to KEEP those tools out, clean that bench off and start selling her jewelry on Etsy in a NEW shop, called Che4uDesigns!  She is also looking into selling at local galleries, shops and art fairs.

Gypsy~Rose's new shop and fine jewelry have been described as: crisp, clean, modern, enthused, textured, eclectic, bright, unique, varied, contemporary, welcoming, professional, elegant, sleek and really nice!


Gypsy~Rose's shop will be giving away an item, up to $25 in value, to the last customer on February 7th and she will be giving away an item, up to $50 in value, to the last customer on Valentine's day so make sure to stop by, heart your favorite items and keep your eyes on the prize(s).

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