Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lots of new stuff, from HOOVES to HORNS to HATS!

I have been a busy beaver as of late, trying to re-make some past designs and make, anew, some things I have wanted to make for a while!

I'll go in order, to keep it simple.

First off, I finally got a chance to make a Gothic Lolita / Victorian style Top Hat! I made mine in lavender tones with some gunmetal gray thrown in for good measure! The base in black felt, (pre-made), with stretch lace bow, lavender tulle and plastic bead "chain", all hand sewn onto the hat by me. I have listed this hat on my new Lolita website!

Onto number 2:

I used to have a slightly spiraled horn design, called "Full Circle". These horns were an automatic hit and folks really like them. I was never happy with their mold, though, it was a real pain to use and, after much use, I finally retired the design. I reworked the design and called it "Be Wary of Aries".

People seem to like the new design but I still get a lot of requests for larger, more spiral, (coming away from the head, not lying flat-ish against it), horns.

I have been holding off, because I knew that making a spiral mold would test my mold-making abilities and, between you and I, I am not a huge fan of mold making... until it's time to break it apart and see how things went! :)

The chance finally came for me to make a new ram horn design, which I call "Merino". These horns are a prelude to a larger rams horn costume design... to be announced when they're done. ;) I hope you like them, please contact me about ordering a pair!

OK, time for 3 and my most exciting news!

I have finally had the time to figure out a good hoof design and create a study! These will be wearable with or without the fur, (the fur will probably be re-done, this was just a quick covering), or with a custom "sleeve" for non-fur costumes etc..!

These will be great for unicorn hooves, succubus / succubi hooves, draenei hooves and more! I hope you like them! Please contact me about ordering a pair, these were just the study for them.

So, that's my news for now! I am still prepping for the 5th annual NH Renaissance Faire, 2009, which is now in May!

I am also prepping for PortCon Maine 2009 and looking forward to it immensely! It's a great little con with wonderful folks involved!

Thanks for reading, please feel free to check out my Artfire shoppe, website and/or DeviantArt area, where I post custom work and new updates etc..

Shannon aka Gypsy~Rose

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